Pre Nursery

Pre Nursery Programs in Gurgaon


Age: 2.5 years – 3.5 years

With improved coordination and thinking the world begins to open up for pre-schoolers. Our Pre-nursery program introduces language, math, science, art, motor and social skills in a natural sequence to nourish learning one step and a time, with individual attention suited to your child’s unique needs. Developmental appropriateness, Brain Compatible learning and the theory of Multiple Intelligence guide the designing curriculum for this program as well. The children explore materials and activities, discover new concepts and build social skills along with emergent literacy, math, science and visual & performing arts.

We also have carefully planned programs for children in other age groups.
Toddlers Pre School & Daycare 18 – 30 months, Pre Toddlers Child Care 12 – 18 monthsNursery and Kindergarten 42 – 60  monthsFull Daycare services 6 – 60 monthsAfter School Activities 60 mths & above

Current ShishuOne Locations :

Pre School & Day Care center in Sector 57
Play School & Child Care Facility at DLF phase 4

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