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Why Shishuone?

Why ShishuOne?

ShishuOne brings with it unparalleled commitment to provide safe, loving and enriching environment to young kids . Your Childs’ safety is of top most priority to us. Once we are assured of the child safety we focus on providing the little one with the most loving and comfortable environment along with enriching learning opportunities.

Child Safety

Following is how we ensure child safety :

  • Access controlled premises
  • 24×7 CCTV Surveillance
  • Low Teacher Child ratios
  • Child proof premises through anti-skid tapes, door stoppers, anti finger-injury stoppers.
  • Trained and attentive care staff.
  • Regular safety audits of each class and premises

Parent Partnership

It is a continuous endeavor on part of ShishuOne to partner with working parents in sharing their responsibility of effective parenting. Changing social fabric has given an opportunity to early childhood educators like us to partner with parents in providing a warm and enriching environment to their children that goes beyond being just a school. Children from 6 months to 12 years are provided an environment that is nothing less than home.

We partner with working parents by providing the following:

  • Extended day care from 8.30AM to 7.30PM
  • Regular and continuous communication with parents on achieving each development milestone of the child.
  • Parent Guidance Sessions
  • Regular Health check ups of kids on campus
  • One to one parent counseling session by experts
  • Reinforcement of family/cultural values
  • Close interaction with family through frequent events like Grandparents day,daddies day out or reading with mommy
  • Emergency Day Care during holidays and vacations
  • Freshly prepared meals available as suggested by child nutrionist.
  • Open gate surveillance policy. Parents are most welcome to walk in anytime to have a look at how their little one is doing.

Warm and loving Environment:

Research shows that the early growth of at least one part of the brain (the orbitofrontal cortex – behind the orbits of the eyes) is almost wholly dependent upon the environment a child is born into? The first 24 months is crucial in that it is during this time the building and shaping of this part of the brain sets the child up for life. If a child is kept in an environment lacking in love, emotional warmth, and responsiveness, the growth of its brain is hugely affected. A lack of love, emotional warmth and physical contact basically slows down the growth mechanisms in the brain and body. For instance, human growth hormone is produced in smaller amounts when there’s not enough love around. We at ShishuOne recognize this and orient our teachers to ensure that the little ones always feel loved and comfortable.

Infrastructure, teaching aids and equipment

We are located at two locations of Sector 57  in Gurgaon. Infrastructure at both these the centers has been especially designed to support optimal development to suit lively preschoolers, keeping in mind their penchant for learning and discovering. The ambience is bright and conducive to learning.
Children are given an opportunity to play with safe, non-toxic toys and equipment. In addition to being safe and attractive special care has been taken that toys and equipment for young children match their stages of development and emerging abilities. On a weekly basis these toys are sanitised to comply with cleanliness and hygiene standards
By providing interesting materials and enthusiastically reinforcing children’s attempts to explore and solve problems, we aspire to stimulate children’s development, promote advanced critical thinking, and help children take pride in their own abilities to find out more about how their world works.


ShishuOne is the first school in Gurgaon to introduce Internationally acclaimed phonics program of LETTERLAND (a unique, phonics-based approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling to 3-8 year olds), which allows children to progress quickly to word building , reading & writing..
The overall Curriculum is designed by a team of Early Education Experts, with focus on incorporating activities that enhance and develop each child’s skills and allows each child to learn in the learning style he or she prefers. The curriculum focuses on the development of the child as an inquirer, both in the classroom and in the world outside. The curriculum caters to children’s developmental abilities and supports their cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. For more info, refer to  Mind Spark Curriculum section

Additionally, everyday we focus on PMP (The Perceptual Motor Program) at the school, which assists the development of children’s gross motor skills and with the development of fine motor skills, essential in the learning of reading and writing. For more info refer to PMP section