Re-using old material

Do you have a pile of old stuff in your house, just lying around, eating dust, waiting to make the inevitable journey to the dump-yard, someday?

You can get your kid to reuse it and go interesting projects. So, let us get started.

A key chain from an old, expired credit card

Take an old credit card. Simply punch a hole into the expired card, run an old ring through it. And lo! You have a cool key chain out of waste credit card.

Cool Button Bracelet

Put together all the buttons in your mom’s or grandma’s sewing kit and use a cord to make a beautiful bracelet out of them.You can even gift them to friends on Friendship Day or simply as a token of love for your sis.

Wall Mirror Using Old Bottle Caps

Do you Collect lots of bottle caps. Just ask your mom not to throw the caps away each time she opens a bottle of cold drinks. Once you have about 100 of them, pain them all in 3 different colors and arrange them in a mosaic to make an attractive mirror for your room.This is one of the Idea to create a best wall mirror using the waste old bottle caps.

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