Let’s make it easy for you mommies!

Its Birthday time again and mommies start running helter-skelter figuring out what different to do this year round. We present to you a couple of themes that you could explore for your child this year round. Hope this makes the celebrations exciting for your kid and easy for you!

  1. Cupcake theme :(Girl up to age 10). This theme is the hot favorite of the season. Order birthday cake in the shape of Cup Cake. Decorate the party area with cutouts of different colored cupcakes. All guests get to wear a headband with cupcake picture stuck in front. Steal of the party is the cupcake decorating activity. Each child gets to decorate his/her own cupcake with sprinklers, Choco chips, icing cream. Best decorated cupcake gets the prize. All guests take return gifts designed in the shape of a cupcake.
  2. Butterfly theme :(Girl up to age 8) Popular with toddlers and young kids, this theme can make your celebration look colorful and vibrant. Decorate your party area with giant cutouts of Butterflies and flowers. Give all the kiddo guests in the party wings to wear and see them running around with those. An activity asking kids to make and decorate a butterfly is very popular. Provide for butterfly cutouts and colors along with decorating material. You can ¬even have an activity to do with the life cycle of a butterfly. Finally, a Butterfly cake sees to it that kids have an exciting munch too.
  3. Rockstar theme :(Boy/Girl age 3-10) Guests are asked to dress up as rock stars. Best dressed guest wins a prize. Cake can be in the shape of a guitar. Headband making activity can be arranged for. Little guests can be asked to perform as rockstars. Music based activities can be explored in relation to this theme.
  4. Ramayana theme :(Boy/Girl age 6-10) This is a great way to connect our children to their cultural heritage. Kids can be asked to dress up as characters from the epic or simple ethnic attire would also do. An elder of the family can recite Ramayana to kids asking them simple questions now and then like what is the name of the medicine that saved Lakshman’s life during the war. Children who give correct answers keep on getting small goodies and goodies keep their interest alive in the story. Bow and arrow cake works well for the theme. An activity asking girls to make jewelry pieces from flowers also is popular with kids.
  5. Sports theme :(Boy up to age 10) Guests are asked to dress up as there favorite sports star. Single wicket hit game can be arranged. Soccer quiz again is organized. Cake in the shape of soccer ball/cricket bat works well and finally set of tennis balls/cricket balls along with playing cards can be given as return gifts.

Other themes that can be explored science experiment, cartoon character, Teddy bear, farm animals and many more. For helping you organize your child’s special day,  call any of the party organizers mentioned in the website.

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